Our quality, well built, hand finished aluminium products are manufactured using the latest technology, Laser Cutting, CNC Pressing and Powder Coating. Innovations in both welding and adhesive methods.

Finishes now available include Coastal for aggressive climates which come with a 10 year guarantee. Our Notice Boards are designed for a lifetime of use and every part is easily replaced or refurbished if damaged. All Notice Boards are totally recyclable.

Notice Board cabinets and doors are made from 2mm aluminium so are corrosion free. Each cabinet has ventilation holes and rubber seals to help prevent misting. Doors come with two security locks which are chrome plated and each lock has two sets of keys. 3 brass hinges are fitted to each door for ease of opening and two telescopic stays are fitted (only on the top opening door).

The notice boards are finished using an architectural polyester powder coating system designed specifically for outdoor use. The highlighting of text or artwork is carried out by hand using enamel paints. All fixings are 304 stainless steel or brass.

Choosing Your Notice Board

Your choice of Notice Board will be determined by the below.

There are 5 simple steps to building your own bespoke notice boards, please see below.

  • The amount of information you wish to display
  • The amount of space you have available to site your Notice Board
  • Picking the size of Notice Board, you require by the viewing area size based on our standard sizes. Please use our guide based on a A4 size as an idea. For example: Panel size 100cm high x 80cm wide. The viewing area is 84cm x 64cm which will display 9 A4 documents.
  • Backing Board Sundela with pins or Metal panel powder coated supplied with magnetic ons (this is new and our preferred option).
  • At this point if you require more display area and space is an issue you can consider the below. A double-sided panel. Top opening doors (this option is only available on panels up to 140cm in width). See chart for options.
  • We are more than happy, if our standard sizes do not suit your requirement, to design one that will.

1: Choose Your Notice Board Opening

Door are fitted with brass hinges and attached using counter sunk brass machine screws and can either be fitted with free opening doors or lockable with cam locks for added security. The real beauty of our systems and means of production is that you can have the combination you really want.

Single or double opening available on all panels and hung side or top up to 140cm over only side available.

Double Opening Front & Rear Opening Top Opening Side Opening

2: What Size Do You Need?

HeightStandard WidthViewing AreaA4 Capacity
100cm80cm1 Door - Viewing area 84cm x 64cm9
100cm100cm1 Door - Viewing area 84cm x 84cm12
100cm120cm1 Door Top Hung - Viewing area 84cm x 104cm12 (with margin)
100cm120cm2 Door - Viewing area 84cm x 46.5cm12 (with margin)
100cm140cm1 Door Top Hung - Viewing area 84cm x 124cm15
100cm140cm2 Door - Viewing area 84cm x 56.5cm15
100cm160cm2 Door Only - Viewing area 84cm x 66.5cm18
100cm180cm2/3 Doors Only - Viewing area 84cm x 76.5cm18
100cm200cm2/3 Doors Only - Viewing area 84cm x 86.5cm24

3: Choose Your Headboard

Headboards are designed bespoke to your requirements and are 5mm aluminium back plates with 2mm text.

Using CAD we can programme any shape of headboard, artwork, borders, text, font style etc. The design is then sent to you via email for approval.

We are happy to adapt your designs or artwork which we can accept in DWG or DXF formats. Artwork to be printed should ideally be sent in high resolution, a minimum of 300 DPI.

Standard Designs

  • Vinyl text/artwork applied to powder coated headboard
  • Raised text-borders in 2mm aluminium and powder coated
  • Highlighted text/borders in enamel painted by hand on powder coated headboard
  • Artwork disc printed onto vinyl mounted behind 6mm polycarbonate with polished edge inserted and bonded into laser cut aperture. Although our standard is a 15cm disc other designs and shapes can be produced. Artwork disc available on the Chatsworth, Rutland and Belvoir.
Stoke Header Standard Internal Header Standard Header Chatsworth Header Belvoir Header Rutland Header

4: Choose Your Post Design

Posts are manufactured from 6.25mm wall aluminium tube with a 6mm connecting bracket and 3 designs. All posts can be highlighted in enamel paint hand painted or powder coated ie gold/silver to match highlights on headboard.

Shear Technology

All designs can be fitted with shear technology. Designed along with the highways agency to shear on impact if hit by a vehicle.

Square Post

75cm x 75xm
250cm A/O length

Round Post

250cm A/O length

Decal Post

90cm top half, 140cm bottom half (mid collar profile)
250cm A/O length

5: Choose Your Post Topper

Post toppers are cast aluminium and can be a sphere, ball finial or spike finial.

Sphere Pole Topper Ball Pole Topper Spike Pole Topper

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