In the summer of June 2012, MLS were proud to be involved in a collaborative project to produce and install an acid etch circular lectern depicting the spectacular London skyline to sit atop the O2 arena.

The 32m lectern gives a 360 degree perspective of the surrounding landmarks for visitors to use to identify and learn about what they are seeing from the top of the O2 Dome.

There was no shortage of volunteers in the MLS workshop when it came time to decide who would install this piece of history! Each section had to be lifted to the top by hand by our dedicated team and took a total of 6 weeks from start to finish. Our involvement in this prominent contract allowed us another opportunity to convey our adaptability and ability to producing high profile products.

We are always very aware that our products will be around for many years, and enjoyed by countless nationalities and generations but never more so than with this lectern.